Do you want to know what the symptoms of the COVID19Pandemic are like ?

1)Initial symptoms of COVID19Pandemic

Well after about 7-10 days of jokes about my loss of smell there came an almighty wake up call. Quite literally. I was planning on going for my usual run but at 6 a.m. was woken with what could be described as the ‘mother of all hangovers’ or the worst migraine ever plus food poisoning symptoms.

However, Paracetamol and sleep helped. The headaches and a constant nausea continued. I felt like there was one big alien worm crawling around my brain. I didn’t consider the COVID19Pandemic as a cause. A fever then started and the following 2 evenings I woke in the night with rigors, physically shivering but under my nice warm duvet.

Moreover, to compound all issues the internet connection went down ! Now then, as an NHS doctor with an NHS doctor spouse, what do I do ?

Obviously, I initially denied the symptoms and blamed the symptoms on dodgy wine or rancid beef from the meal the night before.

You see I still did not have a dry cough. Are these really COVID19Pandemic symptoms?

2) No internet and self-isolation.

The internet issue was a major problem as loss of internet meant that some of the working from home that had to be done was not possible.

Well…the vitriol from certain workmates was intense!! Blimey ! It really was as if we were responsible for the entire internet system. “And why couldn’t we get it fixed?” Just by clicking our fingers I suppose. Condescending comments about our options … yes we know we can get a ‘dongle’ ‘hotspot’ …whatever and yes we have tried everything.

That can be the problem living in a rural village in the U.K. – the communication services don’t have the same umff as in the cities, even despite paying for ‘superfast’.

3) The dilemma.

It was Sunday and what do we do about work tomorrow? The options before us:

  1. Is this really COVID19Pandemic symptoms ?
  2. Should I self-diagnose?
  3. Face the wrath of khan and have our work-mates think we are slackers…no internet and horror of all horrors…be in isolation ‘off sick’
  4. Shall I stay in denial and just go to work and both of us be seen as ‘good eggs’ keeping the team intact
  5. Will I be a super-spreader and the consequences for that
  6. Would I be struck off for knowing I had symptoms or a contact but continue to work at the front-line

“What should I do ….?”



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