Do you want to know what the symptoms of the COVID19 are like ?

Doing the right thing

Yes, after 48 hours of the most terrible symptoms especially the high fevers and physical shivers at night, I went on-line to NHS111 to be told that I just fall short of being admitted with COVID19.


I can tell you that I have been very impressed with the service. Sign up to the daily text service for advice and a contact each day. Simple advice but essential. It also helps that someone out there is interested in more than the death rate or the fear of getting ‘it’. What about us folk that are sat at home with the darn thing…it feels a lonely place.

Abdominal cramps, nausea, very sore eyes, sore ribs, irritant cough however only for a few spasmodic times each day or at night followed. I felt like I had done 2 rounds with Mike Tyson.

The thermometer must have its own internal temperature we have used it so much. The discrepancy between 2 ears. My left is my really hot ear ?! Where else would be a reliable checking point was discussed, nostrils ? – NO! My teenage son was horrified that temperatures could be checked from the rear end…how the world has moved on…We clearly are bonding in isolation or bored in order to be having these mundane but essential conversations on life. Now he will remember for ever how and where to check a temperature … clearly a gap in his early education somewhere.


I am sitting here with absolutely no physical energy and feel sooo guilty.

For example, the dishwasher has been emptied…my goodness!! My small meals are brought to me and copious amounts of tea in my large Sports Direct freebie mug. I don’t mind this at all as being from ‘up North’…I just lurrv tea. I am reliably informed that this is medicinal and to keep my kidneys flushed through as there is a risk of kidney failure….cheers luv…any biscuits ?

Here I am riding the wave of the peaks and troughs of the fevers and chills…sitting covered on my reclining sofa with lap top, TV remote, discarded crockery, mugs around me. More figures about death….I just want to see Boris ….he will know what it’s like to be a social pariah for a week ….or more….

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