Hello Again!

My symptoms of Coronavirus. I am back to my diary after a terrible 3 days. Thought I was through it on day 5 but then day 6 took a backwards step.

Covid buddy.

A lovely doctor from NHS111 called after I had replied to the daily text informing them that I felt worse. The service was marvellous. I learnt that from day 6 folk can either get better or … worse!

Day 7 often sees the start of chest symptoms such as a cough or a deterioration in breathing. I am lucky I have my own doctors bag at home with a saturation monitor so that I can record my vitals…and report them in.

Colleagues and family are still in the fear and panic stage but somehow having my Covid buddy’s daily update on the news headlines, makes me feel less alone. Boris my Covid buddy is a day ahead of me and unfortunately for him has now taken a different Corona pathway.


Eight days into very real symptoms and probably 2 weeks after I contracted this darn bug I again felt vile. Worse headache, photophobia, neck stiffness, retching. The doctors mind thinks…meningitis or encephalitis…24 hours we stick it out trying not to be a bother.

Day 9 and it was time to phone in again…with the obvious consequences.

A trip to our local hospital was like visiting an apocalyptic film set. Outside and all main areas deserted but behind closed doors a hive of activity. Staff dressed in PPE, hazard signs everywhere. I felt like a laboratory rat being prodded and poked by the ‘men in white coats’. Instructions and explanations muffled as they are given from behind layers of facemasks and visors. Usual tasks fumbled as staff get to grips with all the extra gear rather than using bare hands.

“The eyes have it” … that was all I could see of my masked, cloaked captors. Never before has the language of the eye been so meaningful. The lack of facial expression gave a whole new and sterile meaning to the recipient (me).

Plenty of checks and bacterial meningitis excluded, let me out of here…you are all great but I want to go home !

Off I toddle out of my laboratory room and onwards to home.

I go through the whole reverse PPE process knowing that I was just so relieved that I had not got meningitis, “just COVID19 !!” they tell me.

Three days have now passed of not being able to function, even to use a computer/phone to look at emails , I, unlike my Covid buddy am starting to feel some progress. The fever is still there but the rest is vastly improved.

Do not under-estimate this bug.

StayHomeStaySafe and Protect yourselves as well as the NHS.

Symptoms of coronavirus: Dr Bees Covid diary will return.

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