Just when you thought it was all over…

Covid-19 Symptoms – timeline by Dr Bee. I am now 12 to 13 weeks into this dreadful bug. I am back at work and thought I had managed to rid my system of all it’s toxic effects.

Back to exercising, jogging around the village quickly wrecked the knee so I am now on the home cross-trainer and building up my endurance levels. A new puppy is helping to ‘motivate’ me to get out for long walks.

The mental cognition has improved vastly…thank goodness! After just half a day back at work I can easily say I felt truly dreadful and I am no slacker and have rarely had time ‘off sick’. The symptoms seemed to recur all at once albeit in a milder form but enough to flatten me.

I am actually feeling great in between what now seems to be weekly flares of the original ‘alien worm invading headache’. That worm seems to wake up once a week and wriggle around my head and behind the eyes causing a great feeling of pressure. Luckily paracetamol does help once I can summon the motivation to get some. Sounds pathetic but it is true.

I keep thinking back to the original bats and it does feel like I am now living with a parasite in my brain.

My medical colleagues would scoff and laugh at this but…..who knows….does anyone else have similar symptoms?

Please let me know at this post: Covid-19 Symptoms – timeline by Dr Bee. It can be a lonely place and I would like to know who else gets this….??

NHS 111 online #staysafe #coronavirus

This is gross but is a good impression of what it feels like in my head….stay safe…don’t catch Covid

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