Introducing online NHS health advice and guidance with the Buy British! team.


We are a family with traditional values and love the country that we live in. The British people work long hard hours for our country and have a determination and loyalty to this great island.

The aim of this family run website is to highlight our need to pull together and Buy British products. As a result we will ensure our local economies thrive and also reduce our carbon footprint so that we improve our climate for future generations.


…the start of 2020 was unreal, in a very short period of time the world has dramatically changed.

I would like to introduce my new online health advice and guidance service. With the spread of Coronavirus the whole world has been turned upside down over the last few months. Access to our vital frontline services has never been more in demand. We are all aware of the pressure on our NHS services and I would like to assist in any way by signposting our readers to the correct health information as an initial step to help ease pressure on our hospitals and GP clinics. Please try out my online NHS health advice and guidance service by emailing your query to: or use our comments box.

Let me know what is troubling you and I will pull together information and resources to assist in getting you back on the right path…life can be good, share your worries with a U.K. NHS doctor … let me get you to a better place.

Send me your queries and I will compile guidance and information via the blog

or email :


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